In general, good quality leather does not require frequent care. Your Cho’jac item likes nothing better than to be worn frequently. Due to the movement of your body, and ongoing wear, the leather is constantly massaged and thus remains nice and supple. It’s a similar story for the hand-woven net of your Cho’jac. The longer it is worn, the softer the Agave twine becomes.

We would not advise you to use any impregnating sprays. Good leather is allowed to get wet. When placed flat or on a clothes hanger and allowed to dry thoroughly with good ventilation, there should be no damage to the product. If you happen to be caught in a downpour, wipe off the moisture with a lint-free cloth (not to rub it dry, but in order to spread the moisture evenly). Allow your Cho’jac item to then slowly dry out.

We principally use leather with a natural, untreated surface. Changes to the colour and the surface which occur over time are highly desired. This patina demonstrates the life of your leather goods and allows them to age with grace.

If the leather does at some point happen to feel dry and dull, we recommend a colourless oil-based cream. Please apply it thinly and evenly across the entire surface. Then remove excess cream with an absorbent cloth. If scratches appear on the surface, these can be lightly filled in with a shoe cream in a similar colour (please first test on a small unnoticeable area).

Dirty surfaces can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge. Make sure to use a neutral detergent. The leather should not be soaked with moisture when cleaning. The moisture should be rubbed with a lint-free cloth and then allowed to dry.