The Key chain Fish-hook – Coffee Ecru or Asphalt Black


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Our key chain is a modern derivative of the ancient craft of making net bags by the indigenous Maya: purely handcrafted, made from sustainable cactus fiber, each piece is stylish, practical, and one-of-a-kind. It was lovingly made, exclusively by hand, in traditional workshops in the mountains of Mexico and around Berlin.

The hand-woven string is made from 100% resistant Sisal Agave fibre and inspired by the traditional Cho'jac netbag. The Coffee-Ecru version is all naturally dyed with soot and spiderweb.

- Hardcore handcraft in its purest form.

This keychain is available in about 30 cm or 50 cm , very strong and light. Due to the special braiding technique used in this piece, the string is stretchy and expands up to 30% of its length. With the customizable fish-hook you have your keys always ready to hand.

Note: All components are highly durable and either repairable or replaceable. The metal parts can be unscrewed and reused.